March 20, 2013—Profile Guided Optimization—Ankit Asthana

Time and Location

March 20th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Microsoft Campus.

Come at 6:45 for pizza sponsored by Gordon Churchill.


This talk focuses on one of critical optimization provided as a part of the VC++ compiler: ‘Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)’. PGO in simple words is somewhat a major component of the secret sauce for high performant Microsoft internal products (Windows, Internet Explorer, Lync, Office, Surface and many others). To summarize, PGO helps in improving the runtime performance of the application by training it for a set of common user scenarios. This talk will go over a brief description of this optimization, the improvements that we have made recently followed by an exercise and demo on how PGO can be performed to performance boost your native application.


Ankit Asthana is a program manager for the backend C/C++ compiler. He is knowledgeable in compiler technologies (dynamic and static compilation, optimizer, code generation), distributed computing and server side development. He has in the past worked for IBM and Oracle Canada as a developer building Java 7 (hotspot) and telecommunication products. Ankit back in 2008 also published a book on C++ titled C++ for Beginners to Masters which sold over a few thousand copies.


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