How to Sponsor NWCPP

Several companies have chosen to sponsor our monthly meetings. Often these companies supply free pizza for the meeting. Other companies may choose to give away products.

If you sponsor us, we will add a brief mention on the front page which links to our sponsorship page.

NWCPP welcomes your sponsorship, subject to the following guidelines.

  1. Donations to get onto the sponsor page must be at least $50 in value.
  2. All contributions must go to one or more members of our organization; no equipment or assets will be held at this time by the organization itself.
  3. In those cases where specific items are being given away, the recipient of those items must be determined by a drawing from all those wishing to participate. The drawing must be open to everyone and free to enter. You may collect business cards or email addresses. Board members of NWCPP are not eligible to enter the drawings.
  4. NWCPP maintains a separate web page for sponsorship postings. Each month we will add the latest sponsors to the top of the page, and remove the postings that are 1+ years old.

NWCPP is a 501(c)3 organization. Our EIN is 91-1718733.