June 19, 2013—Multi-Platform Applications with Qt—Tuukka Ahoniemi

Time and Location

June 19th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Microsoft Campus.

Come at 6:45 for pizza sponsored by Coverity.


Software services often have a requirement to run on multiple different platforms and operating systems. A basic use case of a cross-platform software service is to target across different desktop operating systems with the same code base. Qt is a cross-platform application and user interface framework for C++ that allows you to use the same code and deploy to multiple platforms. Going across different desktop operating systems has been the backbone for Qt users for over 15 years. Qt is well adopted within the Linux world, especially within the KDE community together with which Qt started way back then, forming the basis for KDE applications.

Since the past decade the way software is used has changed from just personal computers to mobile phones and then lately to tablets, cars and all kinds of other different connected embedded devices. Regardless of being the same application the user experience can vary a lot across these different platforms. This adds a lot to the requirements of writing these software services: How to target all these different platforms with different user experiences and still try to maintain a reasonable workload, or not to re-write the application in its entirety for all the platforms.

Qt in year 2013 with Qt 5 introduces technical enablers for creating modern, truly multi-platform applications that are written with Qt/C++ and besides desktop OSs can run on Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, embedded Linux, Windows Embedded and various Real-Time Operating Systems. With Qt Quick, the UI layout can be easily customized to match the desired user experience on the various devices yet re-using the same application code.

In this talk, I will introduce Qt 5 and discuss approaches on how to create multi-platform C++ applications with Qt from a technical and architectural perspective. No previous Qt knowledge required. Live coding is going to take place.


Tuukka Ahoniemi works as a technical product marketing manager for Qt by Digia. For the past years he has traveled around the world spreading the message of Qt supremacy in the form of having held over 100 Qt training courses, speaking in various conferences and trade shows. Still trying to “finish” his PhD he holds a M.Sc (tech) in Computer Sciences with the background in academic teaching of C++ programming and research around it. Still being passionate about teaching he is a certified Qt trainer, Nokia Developer Certified Trainer, Certified Qt Specialist and a Nokia Developer Champion.


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