February 19, 2014—Test-Driven Development—Matt Becker and Madhavan Lakshminarayanan

Time and Location

February 19th, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Microsoft Campus.

Come at 6:45 for pizza sponsored by Amazon GIP.


Matt Becker and Madhavan Lakshminarayanan, from Amazon’s Global Inventory Platform team, will be presenting on Test Driven Development. They will provide a brief overview of the problem set their team tackles, and how it benefits Amazon customers. They will show how and when to use Test Driven Development as well as how to isolate their software from its dependencies


Amazon’s Global Inventory Platform team is responsible for the Supply Chain systems that support Amazon.com inventory worldwide. Given that our volume doubles in size roughly every 3 years, our team must always be at the forefront of research into new technologies, machine learning techniques, big data analysis, and complex forecasting models to more accurately and efficiently have items on their way to customers before they ever even click “buy”. We’re predicting the future and changing it, every day.

A Word From Our Sponsor

Amazon Global Inventory Platform is mostly software development and we are always hiring for Senior Software Engineers, Research Scientists, Development Managers and very Technical Project Managers. We have new initiatives every year and are expanding like crazy! For more information contact Amy Renhard at Renharda@amazon.com.


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