December 10th, 2003 — The Future of C++ on .NET: A Tour of C++/CLI — Herb Sutter

Published: Mon 01 December 2003
By nwcpp

In 2003.


Microsoft Corporation
Building 27, Conference Room 1810 (Olympic)
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington 98052


In October 2003, a new ECMA standards committee was formed to create an international standard for “C++/CLI,” a set of C++ extensions for .NET programming designed by Microsoft in collaboration with C++ industry leaders as a successor to “Managed C++.” Formally, C++/CLI is a binding between ISO C++ and ISO CLI (Common Language Infrastructure, the standardized subset of the .NET runtime environment and frameworks class library); see the announcement at

In this talk, the lead architect of C++/CLI talks about the language design and major features, with a look under the hood at how compilers are implementing the new semantics. C++/CLI provides first-class and cleanly integrated support in the C++ language for all .NET features (e.g., properties and events, garbage collection and generics) uniformly for all types including also for native types. It also provides first-class support on the .NET platform for all standard C++ features (e.g., deterministic destruction and templates) uniformly for all types, including also for .NET types. These facilities are expressed through a set of pure conforming extensions, underpinned by a unified type system and unified pointer/storage system.


Herb Sutter is a leading authority on C++ software development. Author of more than 180 technical articles and papers and of the widely acclaimed books Exceptional C++ and More Exceptional C++, he regularly gives invited talks at conferences around the world and is available for private training and mentoring for new and current corporate clients.

Please note that in order to accommodate the increased attendance, this meeting will be held at the Microsoft Corporation rather than our usual meeting at Avaya.

Click here to download the source code and slides from the presentation