June 15, 2022: Overloading in C++: How Does It Really Work?


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Time and Location

June 15, 2022 at 7:00 PM
On Line Using Zoom
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Overloading in C++: How Does It Really Work?


Overloading has been part of C++ since its beginning, and is the subject of an entire chapter ("Clause") in the C++ Standard. This talk will provide an in-depth look at this oft-overlooked language feature.

Beginning with basic definitions and plenty of examples, we will go on to discuss many of the finer points of overloading and overload resolution. We will culminate with an advanced example of overloading in a non-traditional context.

Speaker Bio

With broad experience in industry, academia, consulting, and research, Dr. Walter E. Brown has been a computer programmer for almost 60 years, and a C++ programmer for more than 40 years.

He joined the C++ standards effort in 2000, and has since written circa 175 proposal papers. Among numerous other contributions, he is responsible for introducing such now-standard C++ library features as cbegin/cend, common_type, gcd/lcm, void_t, and <cmath>’s mathematical special functions, as well as the headers <random> and <ratio>. He has also significantly impacted such C++ core language features as alias templates, contextual conversions, variable templates, static_assert, and operator<=> (the C++20 “spaceship operator”).

When not playing with his grandchildren, Dr. Brown continues as an Emeritus participant in the C++ standards process and as a frequent speaker at C++ meetups and conferences worldwide.

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