January 23th, 2019: Remedial C++ 11

Special Announcements

NOTE: THIS MEETING IS AT A SPECIAL TIME ON A WEDNESDAY, NOT OUR NORMAL MEETING CADENCE!!! If you are interested in helping out please also attend the NWCPP Annual Board Meeting at 6:15PM - Just before his meeting!

Time and Location

January 23rd, 2019 at 7:00 PM
Room 1083, Building 30, Map to building 30,
Microsoft Campus,
156th Ave NE,
Redmond, WA 98052.


Remedial C++ 11


OK, Ladies and Gentlemen, your boss said you needed to attend tonight. Your boss noticed that you haven’t been using the latest C++ constructs, and that your work could be even better. Tonight we’ll go over additions to the language in C++ 11. Don’t make your boss send you back here for C++ 14 and 17!

Speaker Bio

Like the man in black said: "No one of consequence". Pete has been programming professionally for 29 years at companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. He’s been using C++ for most of that time, and attending NWCPP off and on since the 90’s. He has been known to talk about himself in third person.

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Coming Soon!