Jan 18, 2023: Negative Behaviors in TDD

Time and Location

Jan 18, 2023 at 7:00 PM
On Line Using Microsoft Teams
Meeting ID: 229 164 636 463
Passcode: GfJHZz


Negative Behaviors in TDD


Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a process in which test are written up-front. Typically these tests reflect the requirements and expectations of the stakeholders to the project, driving the creation of useful, valuable behavior.

Sometimes, however, the requirement given is about something the system should not do, and must not do for a reason that is critical to the business we seek to serve.

The question this presentation will address is this: How can you write a test about a behavior that the system must not do? We will use both unit tests and acceptance tests to investigate this question.

Speaker Bio

Scott Bain is a 40+ year veteran in computer technology, with a background in development, analysis, and design. He has also designed, delivered, and managed training programs, both in traditional classrooms and via distance learning. Scott teaches courses and consults on Agile Analysis and Design Patterns, Advanced Software Design, and Test-Driven Development. He is a frequent speaker at developer conferences such as JavaOne and SDWest. He is the author of “Emergent Design”, which won a Jolt Productivity Award, as well as “The TDD Companion” and “The Design Patterns Companion”. He currently works for PMI.

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