September 21st, 2011 — Beyond Threads — Rick Molloy

Come at 6:30 for pizza provided by Amazon Digital!


A stroll through actor and task based programming using Visual Studio.

Developing concurrent applications and libraries is hard. Making them robust and inherently scalable is even more challenging. This talk will walk through a small handful of examples of using Microsoft’s Agents & Parallel Pattern Library that implement patterns from actor-based and dataflow programming. An emphasis will be made on providing examples that are drawn from real situations I’ve encountered in code in the last few years and how the patterns help resolve them, rather than just providing a simple inventory of the APIs.


Rick Molloy has worked at Microsoft at various roles since 1999 and is currently working as a developer in the Startup Business Group. Rick developed a passion for programing models while working on the Parallel Computing team and contributing to Microsoft’s Concurrency Runtime and C++ AMP and a passion for performance when working on Windows.


Slides, code, and video of Rick’s talk.