September 15th, 2010 — The Many Faces of D — Walter Bright


There are many mainstream programming paradigms — imperative, object oriented, meta, functional, etc. Each has their proponents and languages oriented around it. But larger applications tend to not fit easily into any particular paradigm.

In extreme cases, developers will resort to using multiple languages with an uneasy interface between them. The D programming language takes a different approach, offering multiple programming paradigms within one language, making it easy to select the most suitable paradigm for each task within the application.


Walter Bright graduated from Caltech in 1979 with a degree in mechanical engineering. He worked for Boeing for 3 years on the development of the 757 stabilizer trim system. He then switched to writing software, in particular compilers, and has been writing them ever since.

There will be door prizes—3 copies of Andrei Alexandrescu’s book, The D Programming Language—plus light refreshments.


Here are Walter’s slides.