September 10th, 2003 — Thread Safe Object—Never Think About Thread Safety Again — David Brownell

Published: Mon 01 September 2003
By nwcpp

In 2003.


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Redmond, WA 98052


Ask any developer, and they will tell you that multithreaded programming is hard. Very hard. One staple of this difficult style of programming is the effective and thorough use of mutexes and critical sections. Unfortunately this technique can be tedious and best and produce error and race conditions at worst. This presentation will introduce you to ThreadSafeObject, a generic object that guarantees you will never have to surround a variable or code with a mutex or critical section ever again. We will cover generic programming, dive into the magic that makes auto_ptr work, and discuss meta-programming techniques - the code that makes an object change behavior at compile time based on type. Use ThreadSafeObject, and never think about thread safety again!


David Brownell has been using C++ in a professional environment for the past 5 years. Graduating with a BSCS from Seattle University in 1998, David has worked on faxing applications, automated scripting utilities, secure communications technologies, generic programming techniques, and peer-to-peer applications. David currently works as a Software Engineer at Orrtax Software in Bellevue, Washington and serves as president for the Northwest C++ Users Group.

Click here to download the source code and slides from the presentation