October 17th, 2012 — Casablanca: C++ in the Cloud — Steve Gates

Time and Location

October 17, 2012 at 7:00 PM
Microsoft Campus.


In this talk, I’ll introduce the Microsoft incubation project Casablanca, the aim of which is to help C++ developers productively take advantage of cloud-based computing without sacrificing performance. Through a series of libraries and tooling, Casablanca provides support for accessing Azure’s platform as a service (PaaS) functionality and general purpose client and server REST communication. Key aspects about the libraries in Casablanca include cross platform support, leveraging modern C++11 features for productivity, and API design asynchrony in mind to improve application responsiveness and scalability.

With this talk, we’ll go through the fundamental principles that Casablanca is built on, an overview of the features it provides, and several demos and examples illustrating what kind of applications can be built. If you have interest in using C++ to author or interact with services in Azure or REST services in general, this talk is for you.


Steve Gates is a senior tester on the Visual C++ team at Microsoft. He has been at Microsoft for the past 5 years working on parallel computing in C++, specifically the C++ Concurrency Runtime, PPL, and Agents Library. Now he is focusing on the C++ experience for the cloud and Azure. In his free time, Steve is interested in growing vegetables and food preservation.


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