October 18th, 2006 — The Cost of C++ Exception Handling on Windows — Kevin Frei

Published: Sun 01 October 2006
By nwcpp

In 2006.


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There’s a long running emotional battle over C++ exception handling. Rather than argue for or against either side, I’ll be going into low-level detail of how much it costs to use on Windows for both x86 and AMD64. This should help people see through the emotion and get a real handle on what it costs, and provide them with facts to help make the decisions of why, how, and when C++ exceptions should or should not be used.


I’ve been at MSFT for 9 years, working on the compiler back end/optimizer the entire time. I’m currently responsible for the Orcas optimizer, linker, and other ‘tools’ while the rest of the team works on the “Phoenix” project.

Prior to my life at Microsoft, I graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in CS. I have a wife & 3 kids, enjoy playing with my kids, woodworking, mountain biking, writing goofy projects to learn new technologies, and wasting time in front of a variety of video games.


Download the slides from the presentation.

Watch a video of the presentation.