October 19th, 2005 — C++ in the Trenches — David Brownell

Published: Sat 01 October 2005
By nwcpp

In 2005.


11820 Northup Way #E200
Bellevue, Washington 98005


A presentation almost 20 years in the making! In this meeting, David Brownell will share a grab bag of C++ tips and tricks he has learned after 19 years of programming experience. Topics include designing with a design in mind, partnering with the compiler, handling errors without error, and other techniques that can be incorporated immediately into existing code.


David Brownell is the founder of Wise Riddles Software—a product development and consulting company—and has been using C++ for the past 9 years. Graduating from Seattle University in 1998, David has worked on voice recognition software, peer-to-peer applications, secure communications technologies, automated scripting utilities, generic programming techniques, and faxing applications. David currently serves as president for the Northwest C++ Users’ Group.

Click here to download the slides from the presentation