October 8th, 2001 — Inside the .NET Framework — Paul Johns, aka MSDN’s “Dr. GUI

Published: Mon 01 October 2001
By nwcpp

In 2001.


Overlake Hospital Educational Conference Center
1035 116th Avenue NE
Room A
Bellevue, WA


We’re very fortunate to have MSDN’s Dr. GUI, the always entertaining, often irreverent, generally accurate source of knowledge of all things .NET, come to speak to us in October. If you haven’t started working with .NET, this will be a great introduction to the .NET framework, techniques and tools. If you have been working with .NET, you can ask your questions (and perhaps get answers to them) without having to wait for Dr. GUI’s next column.

Paul has written Dr. GUI for over five years now. In addition to the bi-monthly question and answer column in the MSDN Developer News newspaper, Dr. GUI has a weekly online question and answer column and a more-or-less monthly .NET column called Dr. GUI.NET.

For a preview of this meeting’s content, see the online presentation.

This is a joint meeting of the Northwest C++ User’s Group and The WSA DevSIG (Developer’s SIG) — formerly known as WinSIG (Window’s Developer’s SIG).