November 14th, 2007 — Domain-Specific Languages with Boost — Eric Niebler

Published: Thu 01 November 2007
By nwcpp

In 2007.


Building 41
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington 98052


Designing your own programming language is fun! It can also increase the expressiveness of your code. But did you know that you can host your little languages right in C++? Libraries like Boost.Spirit and the Lambda Library do just that with the help of templates and operator overloading. Come learn how you can easily create your own mini language-in-a-library, too. We’ll talk about Boost.Proto, a new library that takes the pain out of working with expression templates.


Eric is an independent software consultant currently working with Dave Abrahams and Boost Consulting. He is a former employee of Microsoft Research and Visual C++, and his writings about C++ have been published in the C/C++ User’s Journal and MSDN Magazine. When he’s not writing C++ for money, Eric has been known to write C++ for fun.


Download the slides from the presentation.