November 10th, 2004 — STL/CLI — Stan Lippman

Published: Mon 01 November 2004
By nwcpp

In 2004.


Building 43, Adams Conference Room
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington 98052


STL/CLISTL containers and generic algorithms for Microsoft .NET Framework and ECMA Common Language Infrastructure

C++/CLI brings C++ idioms to managed code development. With templates and CLI Generics, STL/CLI brings the Standard Library containers, iterator and algorithms to .NET development, while leveraging the runtime facilities like garbage collection, verifiability, and versionable binary interfaces.

This talk will discuss the rationale, design decisions and techniques of STL/CLI.


Stan Lippman is an Architect with the Visual C++ team at Microsoft. He began working on C++ with its inventor Bjarne Stroustrup back in 1984 within Bell Laboratories. In between, he worked in Feature Animation at Disney and DreamWorks, was a Distinguished Consultant with JPL, and was a Software Technical Director on Fantasia 2000 in the Firebird segment. He is the author of C++ Primer and Inside the C++ Object Model.

Additional Information

Please note that in order to accommodate the increased attendance, this meeting will be held at the Microsoft Corporation rather than our usual meeting location. Due to increased security, those attending the meeting will be required to check in at the front desk. Like other NWCPP meetings, this meeting is free and you are welcome to attend without prior registration. However, we do ask that you register if you know beforehand that you will be attending this meeting.