May 15, 2013—C++ In the Post-PC Era—Diego Dagum

Time and Location

May 15th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Microsoft Campus.


Smartphones and tablets made personal computing more personal than ever. This post-PC era, with its new platforms and technologies, disrupted how developers design, build and deliver software. Moreover the fact the traditional PC renewal / replacement cycle is now longer confirms the notion that attention has shifted to the new form factors.

What role do C++ and C++ developers play in this new scenario?

In this talk, Diego reviews aspects that make C++ unique for ARM-based development, together with the many challenges and overlooked costs that C++ developers face when jumping in. Diego shows how the leading platforms enable C++ through technologies and tools. He also discusses the state-of-the art in cross-platform approaches with their pros and cons.

You’ll leave this talk with a panorama of the many ways to use C++ in the post-PC world, what’s already achieved and what still needs to be done.


Diego Dagum is a professional developer and architect. He got his first job in C-language back in 1991. The new century, though, caught him applying Java during the first dot-com wave. During the last decade, he focused more in the .NET platform. However, Diego’s all-times passion is C++, precisely because he considers that true developers don’t need to be managed.

Beside software development, he writes the column “New Age C++” for Visual Studio Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter, @diedagum.


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