May 10th, 2000 — C++ Exceptions — Bobby Schmidt

Published: Mon 01 May 2000
By nwcpp

In 2000.


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Overview of C++ exceptions, their rationale, and their usage. Followed with discussion of standard library support, exception safety considerations, and comparison with Microsoft’s SEH. Exception “gotchas” and wisdom sprinkled throughout :^) Talk assumes you understand the rudiments of C++ exception handling.


Bobby Schmidt is a writer, teacher, and programmer. For the past five years, he’s been Contributing Editor and monthly columnist for the “C/C++ Users Journal.” He also writes the twice-monthly “Deep C++” column for “MSDN Online Voices” magazine. Bobby has taught short sessions and all-day tutorials at both the Software Development and Embedded Systems conferences. In previous incarnations, he was an astronomer, private investigator, radio DJ, and wild-animal curator.