March 23rd, 2005 — Evolving C++ onto the CLI — Stan Lippman

Published: Tue 01 March 2005
By nwcpp

In 2005.


11820 Northup Way #E200
Bellevue, Washington 98005


C++ reflects a static object model optimized for executable speed and size.

This has made it the language of choice for systems programming. The Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) represents a dynamic object model optimized for flexibility and security. C++ programmers wishing to inhabit the CLI development space until now have had to leave C++ and generally work in C# (or Java). In this talk, I’ll discuss our evolution of C++ to adapt to the CLI programming environment, and couch it in a more general look at program language lifetimes and suggest some possible future directions.


Stan Lippman is Architect with the Visual C++ team at Microsoft. He began working on C++ with its inventor Bjarne Stroustrup back in 1984 within Bell Laboratories. In between, he worked in Feature Animation at Disney and DreamWorks, was a Distinguished Consultant with JPL, and was a Software Technical Director on Fantasia 2000. He is the author of C++ Primer, 4e (2005) and Inside the C++ Object Model. For the last three years, he has been involved in the work to adapt C++ onto the CLI environment.

Click here to download the slides from the presentation