1. Meetings in September

    Upcoming Meetings

    Our NWCPP meeting for September will be coordinated with CppCon at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue. CppCon is open to everyone, with or without registration for the evening sessions and ALL sessions on Friday.

    Please see the CppCon web site at Http://cppcon.org for current details.

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  2. Meetings in September

    Upcoming Meetings

    Our next meeting will be in September, stay tuned!

    Also, we will be hosting 3 CppCon panels during the month of September between Sep 23 and Sep 29

    1. Optimizing the Build
    2. Mixing managed with unmanaged code and cross platform
    3. Using C++ in Iot
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  3. May 17th 2017: Concepts of the Upcoming Ranges TS

    Job Fair

    Continuing with our job fair activities Mainz Bradley Group will be available at 6:00 PM to talk to anyone looking for a job in more detail then we have done in the past. In particular this month Aim will be offering tips on how to improve your ...

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  4. September 2016: CppCon

    Time and Location



    The Northwest C++ Users Group will be hosting three panels at CPPCon!

    • Monday 09/19/2016 - Lunch Panel: How to work with universities to get more C++ courses and improve C++ education
    • Monday 09/19/2016 - Evening: Grill The Committee/The Future of C++
    • Wednesday ...
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  5. June 15th 2016: The LIQUiD Simulator

    Time and Location

    June 15th, 2016 at 7:00 PM
    Steptoe Room, Cafeteria 40,
    Microsoft Campus,
    156th Ave NE,
    Redmond, WA 98052.


    LIQUiD provides a modular software architecture for the simulation of quantum algorithms. It provides a high level interface and is independent of a specific quantum architecture. Recently ...

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