November 16, 2023: Remedial C++ 17 Library features - Part 2!

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THURSDAY, November 16, 2023 at 7:00 PM

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Remedial C++ 17 Library features - Part 2!


When C++ 17 came out 6 years ago, many of us weren’t allowed to use it because our compilers didn’t support it. Now that most compilers have good C++ 17 support, let’s do an overview of the features introduced into the C++ standard library with C++ 17.

This talk is a continuation of the April 19th talk, and will pick up where that one left off! The slides and video from Part 1 are listed below in the “Resources” section if you want a recap from earlier this year!

Speaker Bio

Like the man in black said: “No one of consequence”. Peter Williamson has been programming professionally for 30 years at companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. He’s been using C++ for most of that time, and attending NWCPP off and on since the 90’s. He has been known to talk about himself in third person.

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Resources - Part 1

Slides 1

Video 1

Resources - Part 2

Slides 2

Video 2