February 15th, 2012 — Expressing Parallel Patterns in Modern C++ — Rahul V. Patil

Come at 6:30pm for pizza supplied by Amazon Digital.


We’ll do a lap around the most commonly applicable parallel patterns. The goal of the talk is to map each of these parallel patterns to equivalent C++ code, while taking advantage of the modern constructs in the language. We’ll demonstrate this by looking at the Parallel Patterns Library available in Visual Studio and Intel’s TBB. We’ll also look at some tools within Intel’s Parallel Studio and Microsoft’s Visual Studio that help identify, debug and analyze parallel programs.

This talk is for you, if you are looking to learn generally accepted parallel patterns and start using them in your C++ code. The talk will scale between 200 level and 400 level.

Note: The talk will not discuss C++ AMP, which deserves a full hour of its own.


Rahul V. Patil is a Lead Program Manager, in Microsoft’s C++ Parallel Computing team. He started at Microsoft 8 years ago and has been a part of the C++ concurrency runtime team since its inception.

About Rahul’s team: Parallel Computing team was founded 5 years ago with the mission of bringing programming models and tools to developers, so they may take advantage of the multi-cores and GPUs on the machine.


Watch the video of Rahul’s talk or read the slides.