February 15th, 2006 — The Phoenix Compiler and Tools Framework — Andy Ayers

Published: Wed 01 February 2006
By nwcpp

In 2006.


11820 Northup Way #E200
Bellevue, Washington 98005

The Phoenix Compiler and Tools Framework: Built From, Building, and Building On C++/CLI

Phoenix, Microsoft’s next generation compiler and tools framework, is built entirely in C++/CLI. Phoenix’s design leverages both the traditional strengths of C++ and the innovative features of CLI binding. The Phoenix framework’s flexible, and extensible components make extensive use of CLI features like ref classes, properties, events, and delegates. We’ll demonstrate how C++/CLI enables Phoenix to produce not only powerful compiler and jit components that will help implement and optimize C++/CLI programs but also produce novel and efficient tools for C++/CLI program analysis, understanding, and manipulation.


Andy is an Architect and Dev Lead on the Microsoft Phoenix Project. He joined Microsoft in 2002. Andy has created program analysis tools at InCert Software and written optimizing compilers at Hewlett Packard. His fascination with the challenges C++ presents to language implementers dates back to his days as a graduate student at MIT in the late 1980’s.


Click here to download the slides from the presentation