February 15th, 2000 — Datatypes++, A C++ Class Library for Windows — Tom Dowdell

Published: Tue 01 February 2000
By nwcpp

In 2000.


6464 185th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052


Tom, a NWCPP member, will introduce his company, Intuitive Edge Corp., and Datatypes++, Intuitive Edge’s first product. Datatypes++ is a C++ class library for Windows that extends C++’s datatypes to text, exact numeric, date, time, binary, bitset and others. Tom will start by covering the process of starting a software company and the evolution of the company’s accomplishments and goals. The primary body of the talk will focus on dreaming up an idea for a software product and bringing it to market. Tom encourages members to download the beta 1 version of Datatypes++ from the Intuitive Edge Web site , www.IntuitiveEdge.com. This way, he can field specific questions about the product and the design decisions he has made about the product.


About Tom Dowdell:

  • Programming since 1982, professionally since 1986, C since 1987, C++ since 1991
  • Graduated from Nicholls State University in Louisiana in 1987 with Computer Science B.S.
  • Developed a free-form database product for PCs in Pascal, Torrent!, (independent of full time job) which achieved limited success
  • Hired by Microsoft in 1990 as a Software Design Engineer in the SQL Server database group
  • Left Microsoft in 1996 to start a software company, Intuitive Edge
  • After 2 years R&D, focused specifically on designing a C++ class library, Datatypes++