August 9th, 2000 — Building a High Performance Server Product on Win NT/2000 Using C/C++ — Chris Hickman & Joe Mullally

Published: Tue 01 August 2000
By nwcpp

In 2000.


6464 185th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052


Joe will start by talking about building a high performance server product on Win NT/2000 using C/C++. Specifically:

  • I/O Completion Ports
  • Object and Context Pooling
  • Protocol and Error Mapping
  • When and How to use Spinlock vs Interlocks
  • Efficient Loops
  • Aligning Structs

Chris will then finish with a talk about Viathan Corporation and a software demo. Jeff and Chris will then take some time to answer questions.


Chris Hickman, CTO and co-founder of Viathan Corporation, oversees the technical direction of the company, including new product advances and the development and test processes. Prior to founding Viathan, Chris worked for Microsoft’s Interactive Media Group where he developed core Internet technologies for the Microsoft Network. As a lead server developer, he was responsible for design, architecture and implementation of a storage system for Web-scale applications. He helped ship two versions of the Microsoft Network and filed for four patents relating to storage technologies. Prior to Microsoft, Chris spent several years at Motorola as a software engineer. He was a technical lead on a software project that developed a suite of Web applications still used by engineers to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Joe Mullally, Software Development Manager, Viathan Corporation, is responsible for managing the development process at Viathan including the design, development, and development resource allocation for Viathan’s distributed data architecture. Prior to joining Viathan, Joe worked at Microsoft’s Internet group developing large scale Internet data services. Most recently, Joe shipped the first releases of Microsoft Passport, Microsoft’s e-commerce and Web authentication service. Prior to Microsoft, Joe worked as a Senior Software Engineer at AVT Corporation.