April 20th, 2011: ‘C’ for Microcontrollers, Just Being Efficient — Lloyd Moore

Come at 6:30 for pizza provided by Amazon Digital!


Microcontrollers represent a highly resource constrained environment. Very small microcontrollers typically have only several KB of program space available and several hundred bytes of memory, in addition to very low clock speeds. This talk will look at how to address these resource limitations. Many of the techniques examined also apply to larger / PC class hardware, and can be used to improve the performance for those systems. In addition the techniques explored are also beneficial for optimizing the power consumption of mobile devices and applications.


Lloyd Moore is the founder and owner of CyberData Corporation, which provides consulting services in the robotics and industrial automation field. Lloyd has worked in software industry for 25 years, with his formal training in biological based artificial intelligence, electronics, and psychology.


Slides and video of Lloyd’s talk.