April 21st, 2010 — New C++0x Features in Visual Studio 2010 — Mark Roberts

On Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 at 7pm, Mark Roberts from Microsoft will talk about new C++0x features implemented in Visual Studio 2010.


Why wait for the C++ committee to finish the specification when you can enjoy much of the power of C++0x today! C++0x, the next C++ standard, is almost upon us and it contains the most important updates to the language since the mid-90s. It even accepts the existence of multiple threads for the first time in the language’s history. Needless to say, these new features bring more expressiveness and power to the native C++ developer. Visual Studio 2010 has added support for some of these key features in order to enable these modern programming techniques. This talk will clarify what features are in Visual C++ 2010 and what is yet to come. It will illustrate how new constructs such as lambda expressions enable better use of existing libraries and how your code can be simpler, safer and faster all at the same time. If you are itching to show off how C++ is one of the coolest languages on the planet, this talk is for you!


Mark Roberts is a program manager on the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler team. He has worked on various aspects of the C++ development experience over the past 3 years, including the debugger and IDE. He is currently focused on implementing new language features in the C++ compiler while enhancing the accuracy and performance of intellisense.