April 20th, 2005 — xpressive regular expressions: Library design at the edge — Eric Niebler

Published: Fri 01 April 2005
By nwcpp

In 2005.


11820 Northup Way #E200
Bellevue, Washington 98005


Another C++ regular expression library? Hasn’t it all been done? No!

xpressive pushes the boundaries of compile-time and run-time interaction. Regular expressions can be written either as a string to be parsed at runtime, or as an expression template parsed (and optimized!) at compile time. In this talk, Eric will discuss library design at the compile-time/run-time boundary, and the interesting possibilities such a design makes possible.


Eric is an independent software consultant currently working with Dave Abrahams and Boost Consulting. He is a former employee of Microsoft Research and Visual C++, and his writings about C++ have been published in the C/C++ User’s Journal and MSDN Magazine. When he’s not writing C++ for money, Eric has been known to write C++ for fun.

Click here to download the slides from the presentation