Nov 16, 2022: Open Discussion: Why so many languages?

Time and Location

Nov 16, 2022 at 7:00 PM
On Line Using Microsoft Teams
Meeting ID: 234 309 334 946
Passcode: qZgYD2


Open Discussion: Why so many languages?


This month we are going to try something a bit differet. The meeting will be an open discussion on why we have so many programming languages. The Tiobe Language Index ( currently shows the top 100 programming languages, and this clearly isn’t a comprehensive list. In recent years the number of languages has also started increasing again with a newer generation of languages such as: Go, Kotlin, and Carbon.

What are the benefits and costs of so many languages? Do we really need new languages or should we extend the existing languages (which is also happening)? What do you tell a new developer coming into the field? As a seasoned developer when should you look at learning a new language?

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