July 20, 2022: CANCELED: Building a C/C++ Infrared Piano


We are seeing an issue with Teams where the meeting will not open via the browser link. At this point we are going to cancel the meeting and reschedule the speaker as we are not finding a quick solution to the issue. Sorry!!!

The Aug meeting will be member lighting rounds, if you want to do a 5-10 minute talk please just show up with your talk and we’ll organize at the start of the meeting. This is a great opportunity to practice a talk if you also plan to present at CppCon!

Time and Location

July 20, 2022 at 7:00 PM
On Line Using Microsoft Teams
Canceled: See announcement


Building a C/C++ Infrared Piano


TinkerForge provides a variety of sensors and devices: an air quality sensor, analog joystick, linear potentiometer, speaker, LCD screen, infrared distance sensor, and many more. We’ve used some of these devices to create an infrared piano. Two IR sensors detect where you place your hand over two sets of keys. The speaker beeps at a frequency matching the note for that key. The LCD prints the distance detected by each IR sensor. And the linear potentiometer controls volume. The software that runs the piano uses TinkerForge’s C/C++ API bindings. These are easy to retrieve from ConanCenter using the Conan C/C++ package manager. This session examines the various sensors, devices, and codes used to create the piano. You’ll go behind the scenes of the piano’s development, and its iterations, and see how you can start creating similar projects.

Speaker Bio

Nick Ristuccia JFrog, Conan Developer Advocate | Game Designer Nick started in the videogames industry, developing titles for console and mobile. Disappointed by the oppressive corporate feel of traditional technical training, Nick’s passion is to create more engaging and powerful learning experiences through game-based learning and other playful techniques. As a Curriculum Developer at Oracle, he focused on Java programming and certification. As a Developer Advocate at JFrog, his focus is on C++, Conan, and other JFrog technologies.

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